Sunday, September 7, 2008

Retrospect of the Thesis Match Event

I agree with what Brian said that it is a "reiterative" process for us to introduce our thesis propositions over and over again. I really enjoyed talking with the professors and the students passing by. Even though I didn't talk to all the professors, I gained far more that I expected through this process.

From the conversations I had in the two evenings, I discovered that the key issue for me right now is to decide how I want to look at site in my thesis. Should I marry with one particular site? Should I consider a sequence of stations? How about several case study sites? Or make up a station? At some point I agree with Ambrose that my thesis proposition is more program-driven. So I will give myself one week to figure it out.

Another question I need to address is that not many people have problem with the existing stations. So how should I position my statement such that my thesis make more sense to them? How can I present the issue such that they will find it relevant? I guess right now I am still not quite clear about what my thesis statement is about.


Anonymous said...


This site is a great idea. Maybe all of the thesis students should set up a blog?


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Thank you for leaving comment!

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