Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Potential Sites

After considering different criteria for site selection, I am now in favor of the following 4 stations. These sites include different conditions of the station, and each of them has very unique context. They will be used as case study sites for the thesis. Existing stations and their context will be analyzed and documented. The intention is to suggest alternate ways to perceive Metro stations in a broader context.

Farragut North Station
- Need capacity improvement
- Pedestrian pathway to Farragut West station
- Potential intersection station with the separated Blue Line
- Downtown underground station

New Carrollton Station
- Terminal station
- Interchange of Metro, Amtrak, and Purple Line
- Transit-Oriented Development
- Above grade station

Reston Parkway Station (Silver Line)
- Silver Line connects Dulles airport with Washington DC
- Mixed-use development
- Existing active neighborhood center
- Above grade station

Oklahoma Ave Station (North of RFK Stadium)
- Major Redevelopment envisioned by NCPC
- New station on Orange Line
- Potential intersection station with the separated Blue Line
- Strategic location: East gateway to the city
- With both above grade and underground conditions
- Proximity to Anacostia River

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