Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thesis Abstract #1

Rethink DC Metro Station
Design a Better Station for the Neighborhoods

This thesis studies the condition of the Metro Stations as an element in the city. It considers the role of the stations as the major access points in the city and explores what the architecture of the stations could be.

The research will analyze the architecture of the existing stations in relation to their urban or suburban context. The analysis will cover the form and urban setting of the stations, including the relationships between the stations and the ground plane, roads, pedestrian network, city fabric, community space, surrounding architecture etc. This analysis might also consider the potential expansion of the Metro system such as the separate blue line.

Precedents of railway stations design will be used to compare and contrast with the existing Metro stations as part of the research. It will then lead to the exploration of the design of the metro stations. Station(s) with richer context and higher design potentials will be identified as site for the design proposal.

The programs of the design proposal will be developed based on the urban, socio-cultural and economics context of the site, so that the station can perform as a vibrant element in its context. At the same time, the function of the building should be kept as railway station primarily.

The goal of this thesis is to seek opportunities to create more interesting architecture for the Metro stations in the national capital. So that the new design of the stations can rejuvenate the neighborhoods and create vibrant urban centers in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

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