Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Initial Ideas about the thesis

Rethink DC Metro Station
- Design Better Station for the Neighborhoods

Thesis Questions
  • What is the role of Metro station in the city? Can it be more than just an exit of the railway?
  • How efficient is our current metro stations in performing as a neighborhood center?
  • How can the architecture of metro station become a catalyst for a Transit-Oriented Development?

Research Strategy
  • Compare and contrast the railway system of different metropolitan areas
  • Document and analyze the architecture of the existing Metro stations in DC metro
  • Analysis should cover the relationships between the station with the ground plane, roads, pedestrian network, city fabric, community space, surrounding architecture etc.
  • Reference to other railway station projects

Site Selection
  • An existing Metro station(s) or future Metro station(s)

Intervention Opportunity
  • Design of the Metro station and the spaces around it
  • Planning for the neighborhood around the Metro station

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